A Motivational Journey.. Inwards and Upwards 

Photobook of Sunrise Miracles

Vandana Khurana is raising funds to publish an energising motivating limited edition photo book to  share hope and distribute profits raised with four  chosen charities.


COVID-19 has affected us all in many ways and it has  connected us all globally through threads of communal grief. 

I had my personal experience during this period and was unable to go and see my mum in her last moments of life. How I survived and came out through the other side was with the help of early morning walks to see the sun rising from the horizon. I witnessed and captured those special moments of sunrise filling the sky with its abundance of colourful energy, reflecting on the sea and sand. 

My journey has stimulated me to write many motivating thoughts during those moments. I want to share the beautiful pictures along with the energising thoughts to give a positive boost to many who may have or go through a low phase at times.

I want to publish this high-quality book and share all profits from the proceeds with the 4 chosen charities.

Every contribution above £50 will get the reward of a signed limited edition of the book.



How you can help

We can choose to bring radiance and love in life of others


Charity Fundraising

The proceeds from book will be shared between charities close to our hearts:

NHS Covid 19 Funds

BBC Children in Need

Macmillan Cancer Support

Freedom Charity

Alzheimer's & Dementia Society UK


We have created a Pay Pal page where your donations will go towards our chosen charities.

We are so grateful for any donations, no matter how big or small.

Donations can be made through the following link:


“Nature is a miracle. Vandana Khurana has captured those magical moments of sunrise in her evocative photographs. Her mother’s death is like the sunset but sunset leads to sunrise thus death leads to birth. When we experience sunset we also experience sunrise this is the duty of our existence.  May the readers be inspired by these photographs”.

 - Satish Kumar, Editor Emeritus and Founder of The Resurgence Trust.  

Choose to Make A Difference 

The secret to being happy in life thrives from what we choose to focus on, even when life is not perfect.

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