About Vandana

Vandana Khurana is a Norfolk resident and feels blessed to have raised her family in the small coastal village of Hopton-on-Sea. She enjoys cooking and entertaining family and friends with her new recipes.

 This book reflects the emotions and thoughts experienced in the ‘Lockdown moments of Covid 19’. It also illustrates the processes adopted to gain strength with daily morning walks to beach witnessing unique, spectacular, and magnificent sunrise awakenings each day. 

The sun is a universal source of energy and sustainer of all life forms on our beautiful planet. Research studies have proven that sunshine is associated with boosting emotional and physical wellbeing. These beautiful serene and peaceful early morning moments of the dawn were very enriching. They filled each day with enthusiasm and energy to rise above all breakdowns and challenges which life threw in these darkest times.









Her husband and children were her first fans of her early morning sunrise photos which were initially shared on family chats and slowly got infiltrated to her wider circle of friends and eventually to social media. 

The positive feedback from friends and family about the motivational impact of these photos and quotes lead as an inspiration to compile it as a book. She is also proud to be member of a charity that runs to uphold and share the Vedic values within the local community and schools. 

Her kindness and compassion make her lead her work from heart.



You can connect with Vandana through her Facebook page “Awakening with Sunrise” or Twitter and Instagram @Vandana303 

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