The Secret to Happiness 

The secret to being happy in life thrives from what we choose to focus on, even when life is not perfect. It comes from acceptance and reflection of our inner state, whether it is daily situations or our relationships. 

Happiness is a choice.

My Hope Matters


My Hope Matters


The sunrise through the clouds inspires me to never to lose hope. No matter how difficult life seems at present in this pandemic.  All we need is trusting in ourselves that we will all see through these tough times.

I choose today to face the sun and send positive vibes to all.  I have faith that they will come back to me in multiples.

I choose to wear that beautiful smile today.

June 2019

Beautiful Relationships

Relationships are like waves concurring in the sea.

No two waves could keep an account of sand or water they exchange in each tide travelled to shore.

Our relations are also the blend of the people in our life with their unique existence. 

Cherish the time you spend with them, the memories you create with them in that moment. Let us not limit ourselves by counting what we receive or what we would offer in exchange.

Let us be limitless like waves.