Awakening With Sunrise ITV


With so many of us struggling to sleep anyway, perhaps we should all get up and see a sunrise or two.

After all nature's colourful canvas is sure to make the world feel brighter.

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Occasionally in life you may meet somebody that is truly enlighten soul Vandana is that person. She has allowed us to share a moment in time where she captures amazing new dawns and inspires us with her words and wisdoms. A mother, wife daughter and friend whichever hat Vandana wears she puts her heart and soul into each role. Walking on the beach, capturing amazing sunrises, sharing her thoughts and her uplifting quotes I hope you find peace and inspiration in her work. As the founder of Freedom Charity like the other charities she is supporting with her book I am very grateful for her donation from the proceeds of this book. This donation will help save lives. 

Aneeta Prem Magistrate and the founder and president of Freedom

In 2020 the Covid Pandemic spread across the world affecting the health and livelihood of millions of people. The measures brought in to try and stop its spread kept friends and families apart resulting in the suspension of happy events such as weddings and anniversaries but also prevented people being with their loved ones during their last days or from attending their funerals. This has had a devastating effect on so many as it did with Vandana. Fortunately, she found solace and peace watching the sun rising over the North Sea from the most easterly part of the United Kingdom and was inspired to spread this benefit by collecting together some amazing photographs alongside some very meaningful words. I am sure that this book will give great comfort to the many people who are going through similar dark periods that Vandana suffered and it will give great joy to anyone who wants to spend a few moments glancing through this wonderful book knowing that all profits from it will go to four very worthwhile charities. 

Hugh Strurzaker MBE